Monday, July 13, 2009

Catching up with Dave Seaman

When I went to NYC on a shoot in May,
I caught up with a small collection
of solid friends with substance that
I hadn't seen in years...
Dave Seaman I met on a press interview
that we both did together years
earlier. He is an author of a few
best selling books you can find in
Barnes & Nobles etc... he is also
a recurring character on CNN. JK
But they're always contacting him for 
interviews I guess he must be pretty 
fascinating. Sometimes I flip on the T.V
& O there's Dave talking about this &
that....& in NYC we caught up over many beers
(yea I drink beer) on life, romance, our aspirations.
He also took me to this neat rave
where I danced like an electro-pop
Robot from 1984.
Check out his website

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